The History of Miles Global

Miles Global, formerly Linda Miles & Associates, is one of the largest and most respected dental management consulting firms in North America. Founded in 1978 by the legendary Linda Miles, Miles Global has evolved into an Inc 500 company with consultants who speak to professional organizations and dental practices all over the world.

With Dr. Rhonda Savage’s acquisition of the company in 2007, the name of the company changed to Miles Global. While our home office is located in the small town of Gig Harbor, WA, our reach is global – if there’s an industry conference or seminar, regardless of location, a Miles Global consultant will be there!

At Miles Global, we focus on communication. Through decades of experience, we know that excellent communication is the backbone of a successful dental practice. We also emphasize establishing exemplary organized business systems, team accountability, leadership at all levels, customer service, and marketing – all in the pursuit of creating profitable, efficient dental practices.

Whether you’re just beginning your dental career or are looking to increase productivity and efficiency in your existing practice, Miles Global’s conferences, seminars, and products will help you and your practice flourish!


  • Dr. Joey Dhalstrom

    You reinforced
    a lot of systems
    we have in place...

    “Thank You! You reinforced a lot of systems we have in place, reminded us of ones we have let slide, and introduced new concepts.”
  • Angi Blake
    "Rhonda was amazing.! Such an energizing and honest speaker.  She has a way with words, being direct and genuine all at the same time. I can hands down say that of all the seminars I have attended(and in 10 years have attended many) This was the best of the best. I'm excited to bring the gems learned back to our team and look forward to our next interaction with Miles Global!"
  • Sarah Elliot – Office Administrator
    "Great talk today! I've been to hear Dr. Savage before, but I always learn so much from each session!"
  • Michelle Johnson – EFDN & Office Manager
    "Dr. Savage is an engaging speaker who draws you in. Her compassionate no nonsense verbiage supports and shows respect to her patients and staff. Implementation of her techniques is easy and simple for staff to follow. The seminar was well worth my time!"
  • Ruth Allan DDS – Attended Yankee Dental Conference 2016
    "Outstanding! Terrific communication skills and very practical tips. Thank you so much!"
  • Laura Gonzales


    "Loved it! Learned so much that I can’t wait to share with co workers and other offices. Definitely recommend your course to others.."
  • Dr. Greg Brandt

    go to hear
    your information

    "Always good to hear your information. I always learn new things., as well as reaffirm already heard material."