practice-analysisMany dentists would like to know the total health of their practices.

Many dentists would like to know the total health of their practices.  More importantly, they would like to know the areas for potential growth.

You will know which systems are working well, and which ones could be better.  Ask yourself this question:  “What makes you mad, upset or frustrated?”  This should be the first priority you have addressed.

The PAC (practice analysis consultation) is more than sharing information about “What’s not working well.”  You’ll immediately obtain information on how to resolve the issues or concerns in your practice.

Do your team members work ‘on’ their reports and understand the numbers that drive the success of your practice?  Do you sit down, coach and give them feedback, creating value for their efforts?

Essentially, this is the X-ray, Exam and Diagnosis for your dental business and is the best investment you will ever make in your practice!

What you get:

  • Complete review of practice information and materials
  • Three hours of Tele-Consulting
  • If you want to continue with service, your entire PAC fee will be credited towards the entire Practice Enhancement Program package
  • Fees vary. Please call for more information: 877-343-0909