Does your staff need training now and you don’t have any time to train them yourself?

Did an issue come up and you would like your staff to have some advice on how to handle it?

By overwhelming requests, staff telephone training is your answer!

How does it work?

Simply call 877-343-0909 and schedule your session today! You can set the agenda and you can train the staff without having to send them anywhere!


Sample Agenda:


  • Verbal skills to reactivate overdue patients
  • What to say on collection calls
  • How to present a great case presentation
  • Tips on successful scheduling


Your Phones:  The Mystery Caller Program


Your phones are your number one marketing tool, yet rarely are team members coached on how to answer the phone.  They must be efficient with their time, yet connect with the patient.  The patient is looking for a warm, caring, empathetic voice that is also knowledgeable.  This program includes training your team, a training DVD, an article and 3 mystery calls.  The mystery calls are analyzed by the caller (a non-dental person) and a skilled consultant.