Pin-Point Session

– An excellent in-depth way to address one topic/issue at a time within your practice.  The Pin-Point session involves one 90 minute phone call.  Within the phone call, you can address any concerns, questions or ideas you may have and receive advice, references and ideas in return!

Practice Development Program

-Involves three 90 minute coaching calls.  These coaching calls are designed specifically for your needs, topics may include: Verbal Skills, Leadership, Practice Transitions, Marketing and Recall/Reactivation to name a few. Focused specifically on your practice and your concerns, contact Miles Global about concerns, questions and more!

Whether you are considering a remodel, adding an associate, buying a building, or are experiencing staff issues; this kind of support is invaluable and could save you time and money by avoiding expensive mistakes. With a busy schedule, these calls can be the most convenient way to learn what your practice needs to up productivity and decrease stress!