What better way to optimize excellent systems for the administrative team than by a custom designed one-on-one training session for your office?


  • 1.5 days on-site exclusively with the front office administration team.
    • Schedule patients as usual in the afternoon and ensure the next day is free for the front office team to meet either off-site or in the office with no patients scheduled.
  • Learn how to enhance case presentations and increase case acceptance overall.
  • Learn collection strategies that get results, including increasing over-the-counter collections and decreasing accounts receivable.
  • Learn the art of productive scheduling and communication techniques that reduce broken appointments.
  • Receive report analysis prior to in-office visit, receive a copy of DVD “The Savage Front Desk” prior to in-office visit, up to five hours of follow-up training via phone or Skype to include coaching, analysis of accountability systems, continued staff training and/or mystery calling.